You Can Now Download OTOY Entries

download otoy

Users were fascinated by the demo content that OTOY brought with their ORBX app on the Gear VR.  These were among the best quality 360 Pictures available on the Gear VR.  The only bad part about the OTOY app was that we had to wait for more content to be available.  Below is footage from the original 14 demo pictures.

Well, the wait is over.  OTOY has been running a contest to encourage content creation, and you can now download the entries for viewing on your Gear VR.

Download OTOY Entries

There are over 2 gigs of content available right now.  There are currently about 58 total submissions, a huge increase over the 14 samples previously available.  To view these submissions, download and move the image file into ORBX->media->(create your own folder here).  Then just open the ORBX app, and enjoy the new beautiful submissions.  As with the Oculus Mobile VR Jam, you can rate each of these pictures for the contest after creating an account on the OTOY site.

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