Saturday Night Live YouTube 360 Videos are Live

saturday night live youtube 360

Hello, Virtual Reality.

Those with Google Cardboard can now experience the Saturday Night Live YouTube 360 40th Anniversary footage that has since only been available on the VRSE app on both Android phones and the Samsung Gear VR.

If you look around in the audience Q&A video with Seinfeld, you might just be able to spot many other celebrities including Adam Sandler.  I often found myself looking into the crowd to see reactions in the celebrity jeopardy video.

You will need a Google Cardboard viewer to watch these videos, or you can simply use the mouse on your computer to look around.  However, I would recommend using at least a Google Cardboard, as that’s the way it’s supposed to be viewed.  You can buy one for as little as $10.


2 videos are currently available:

Celebrity Jeopardy

Audience Q&A


For now, this is all that’s out there but we can only hope that they start filming every episode in 360, as it’s a joy to experience.  If you every find yourself an audience member while a 360 video is being filmed, be sure to cover up.

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