Oculus Cinema Update – New Theater & Subtitles

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Oculus Cinema Update Includes Ant Theater and Subtitle Sideloading

I can barely contain my excitement.  The newest Oculus Cinema Update on the Samsung Gear VR is huge news to Japanese Anime and Foreign Film buffs.  Now you can watch all your Anime and movies with subtitles in the Oculus Cinema.

The icing on the cake is the Ant Theater that was added.  This theater places you in a larger than life forest sitting on a branch with a giant soda can and bottle cap on the right side.  It is by far my favorite theater out of the ones available.  As with the other theaters, the lighting really adds to the look of the environment and reacts to how the lighting appears on the screen.

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I had the same look on my face when I realized all the J-Dramas and Anime I could now watch with subtitles.

The following are the update notes from Oculus.  They are the masters of somehow making update notes entertaining to read.

  • New theater: WHO TOOK MY PHONE.
  • Performance fixes: shake your head in VR and see if you can still cause a hitch.
  • Subtitles: we ow support subtitles for sideloaded content so you don’t have to understand every language.
  • Bug fixes: resized the buffering icon, updated strings, folded laundry, washed dishes.

Enjoying your own videos in the cinema is extremely easy to do.  All that must be done is to save the videos to your “SD card > Oculus > Movies > My Videos” on the Samsung Note 4 phone.  If you have a 3D video you need to create another folder inside the “My Videos” folder and call it “3D”.  Then place the 3D film inside of that folder.  MP4 format has worked for me.  I found that on my S6 phone, any videos in the correct format on my phone were automatically recognized within the Oculus Cinema, which is a great improvement and makes it even simpler to view.

Below is a video from the Ant Cinema.  It gives you an idea of what it is like but it does not compare to actually having a headset on.

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