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neos the universe


NeoS The Universe is among 61 finalists in the Mobile VR Jam Contest, and for good reason.  Remember those feels you got in Titans of Space?  Yeah, this is like that but to the next level.  In NeoS, you start off at the size of a sub atomic particle and journey up to the size of the observable universe.  All the while a great narrative plays that I only really paid attention to on the 2nd viewing as the first time all I could focus on was all the incredible visuals surrounding you and just how quickly you jumped between looking at something like DNA and protons circling around you to viewing a huge brontosaurus and then be in the solar system.

neos the universe dinosaur

That beach ball is like the size of the Empire State Building

I can’t overemphasize how quickly the transitions happen.  It’s completely instantaneous.  Your ability to switch between viewpoints is only limited by how fast you can swipe up and down on the touchpad.  We went from atomic particle to viewing the galaxy in it’s entirety instantly.

The mode I recommend starting out in is the narrative mode, in which a soothing voice guides you through the experience.  After narrative mode ends, you can enter the free form mode and with a flick of the touchpad switch between each size.

Items each have their measurements down to the µm or nanometer.  You can zoom in shortly on the artifacts by swiping up or down as you stare at a particular object.  The most impressing thing about NeoS is how it’s just a small part of what is planned for the release.  It seems like the next logical step for the developers would be to allow the user to be able to go inside one of the objects in order to view what they are comprised of looking from the inside out.  Check out NeoS on it’s Oculus Submission Page.



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