Jack into VR with Adult Swim’s The Virtual Brainload

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I am always quite skeptical of the content on Google Cardboard, as it’s a much more open marketplace at the moment, and you never know what you are going to get.  However, I had high hopes for The Virtual Brainload, Adult Swim’s premier Virtual Reality title on Google Cardboard.  I recalled my experience from a famous iOS game by Cartoon Network, Card Wars, which held some incredibly addicting gameplay and zany graphics.  I expected a similar feel with The Virtual Brainload, especially after hearing WEVR, the developers of theBluVR experience, were involved in it.

virtual brainload google cardboard crazy

Rather than put down my own impressions, we had one of our new contributors, Sam, who is a complete novice with VR, try it out and below is what he experienced.  Just a quick note.  I helped Sam so he could run The Virtual Brainload on the Note 4 Gear VR.  So if anything below seems a bit odd, it might be attributed to that.

As soon as I began Virtual Brainload, I was on a fast paced psychedelic ride traveling through a series of geometric shapes and symbols. They exploded into a colorful fusion of 360 light and sound in the midst of outer space.  I was flown through the eye of horus and before I knew it was on a roller coaster ride moving through a large ancient structure where I could hear chanting sounds all around me.

Just as I began to get my bearings, the roller coaster ride thrust me from the tracks into a deep blue sea, where sharks and other sea creatures including iridescent jelly fish swam about to my amazement.  After another 30 seconds of the jellyfish light show, the darkness subsided and this time, marching pies with top hats, football playing chickens, and of course pink flamingos wearing cowboy hats made circles around me while marching band music played on. I looked up and could see Mount Rushmore and the American eagle hovering above, and there were fireworks exploding all around me.

The entire experience took less than a few minutes to unfold. Virtual Brainload finished with the screen freezing and the experience appearing to crash.  But that was likely intentional.

virtual brainload google cardboard more crazy


If you have an Android phone with a Google Cardboard Headset, or you are crazy like us and decide to risk the health of your Gear VR, you can download The Virtual Brainload on the Google Play store.  You can check out the The Virtual Brainload website as well.

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