360 Daily Dose – Bizarre Squid Game Coaster

It’s been a while since I last took a romp through YouTube 360 and to my surprise things are still alive and kicking. Here’s some interesting new videos:

Squid Game Rollercoaster

Squid Game is one of the most popular shows of the year. Now you can relive memories of the first challenge room by taking a joyful rollercoaster ride as you look out and watch people die all around you.

One Long Panorama from the Mars Rover

This one took over 56 exposures from the Mars Rover and combined them into one long panorama accompanied by music. As close as you will get to feeling like you are there with the Rover.

Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom Disney World

This dad must have the most stable hands in the world, as there’s barely any camera motion as he holds his 360 cam for almost 15 minutes during the ride. Experience a bit of what Disney World has to offer without spending a penny.

An Entire Channel Dedicated to Rabbits in 360

This Japanese channel puts up nothing but videos of rabbits up close and personal in 360. If that’s your thing, it’s very well done and quite cute!

Mouse Size Perspective from Bar

Ever wanted to feel what it would be like as a tiny creature sitting on a bar as people drink around you? Now you can in this 360 video.

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