Mobile VR Jam Finalists Announced

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Tonight, the Mobile VR Jam Finalists were announced by Oculus. A total of 61 submissions were selected, among all 3 categories of games, apps, and experiences. The top contenders were chosen from among the top 20% of each category. We have impressions up from 13 of the finalists and will continue doing impressions until the jam is over.

DreamWorks Experience – Virtual Reality Cinema

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I didn’t think anything could improve on the Oculus Cinema experience, at least not this fast. DreamWorks managed to do just that with the DreamWorks Experience released on the Samsung Gear VR tonight. Not only are the environments absolutely stunning, but interactive as well. My impressions from inside their magical world are within.

Freemium Games Confirmed for Gear VR

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Good news for the industry, and bad news for some consumers as news of Freemium coming to games for Gear VR hits at the SVVR conference today. These pay to advance/win titles are great for encouraging more developers to create content on the Gear VR with higher returns on investment. However, it could be potentially dangerous given VR’s immersive nature.

Gear VR Porn Coming Soon on the Oculus Store?

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Porn, while a topic that holds varying viewpoints in society, can no doubt be attributed to the success of various leading forms of tech throughout the years. At today’s SVVR Conference, Oculus, the creators of the Gear VR software, might have acknowledged that VR porn would be available on the Oculus Store.