People Sketch Virtual Reality

sketch virtual reality

Have you ever wondered what the general public thinks of when they hear the words “Virtual Reality”? Well here at VR Pill, that thought is always on our mind. This is part 1 of a monthly blog series that will ask random people to do a quick sketch of what they think/feel of Virtual Reality. In part 1, the topic is “360 Videos”.

Milk VR Community Channel Teased

milk vr gets surround sound feature

Anyone who has owned a Gear VR since the original one launched knows all about the sparse amount of videos currently available. This is because of the stringent requirements to become a content provider on Milk VR. Soon things will change as a Milk VR Community Channel will allow for faster releases by a larger base of contributors.

Gear VR Omega Agent Impressions- Wii Resort in VR

omega agent impressions feature

I am a bit late to the party on my Omega Agent impressions, but the VR Jam kept us very busy. Omega Agent by Fireproof Games places you inside of a jetpack with complete free roam of a virtual island containing a city and even underground areas. The scale and scope are impressive for a launch title on the S6 Gear VR.