Mobile VR Jam Galaxy Grapple is Potentially Epic

Mobile VR Jam Galaxy Grapple Feature

I like a little story to keep me going when playing a space shooter game. When I found out that Galaxy Grapple had this plus RPG elements built in, I knew I had to give it a try. There are several things that need to be fixed, but these are easy fixes and Galaxy Grapple could be quite an epic game even this early in the life of the Gear VR.

Mobile Jam House of Languages – Pretty but Effective?

House of Languages Feature

I was really excited to play House of Languages. It was included in the list of finalists, and I spent over 7 years learning Japanese. I thought that they had somehow created an innovative way to enhance learning a language in Virtual Reality. What I found was a pretty game of “find the object” that struggles to even effectively teach just the words.

NeoS The Universe – Beam me Up

NeoS The Universe Feature

The hype is real on NeoS the Universe. It is one of the most widely talked about experiences in the Oculus Mobile VR Jam. Instantly change from the size of a sub atomic particle all the way up to looking out at the solar system. The scale is incredible. NeoS is incredible. What are you doing? Try this now!

Mobile Jam Scorched Battalion Turns up the Heat

mobile jam scorched battalion tank parachutes

The minute I stepped into Scorched Battalion Oculus Mobile VR Jam Submission, I could not stop trying to touch the walls and table with the amount of presence I was feeling. It only got better once the tanks started parachuting in from above. This one is a no brainer to try if you are a fan of strategy or even action.

Oculus Cinema Update – New Theater & Subtitles

Oculus Cinema Update 052 Feature

As I write this article I am transferring gigs worth of Japanese Anime and foreign films to my phone, as subtitle support has been added in the Oculus Cinema Update. Also, a new theater called Ant Theater was added. It places you inside a huge forest while watching your movies on a gigantic Samsung phone screen.