Virtual Reality Japan Crazy 360 – Volume 1

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I knew I had to figure out a way to utilize my time living abroad in Japan and connect it somehow with VR. When I came across this wacky YouTube channel, I knew what I must do. We will be releasing a monthly feature covering the crazy 360 videos that come out of Japan. If something stranger isn’t up next month… well, you can bet that won’t be the case!

Our Top Picks for Oculus Mobile VR Jam

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With less than 24 hours left to put in your votes for the community choice for the Oculus Mobile VR Jam winners, we have listed our top 10 favorite submissions. There were so many quality submissions to choose from, and we wish the best of success to the rest in fully realizing their amazing visions. Without further ado, continue to see what we liked the most.

Mobile Jam Nothing is Everything I Want

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Everyone likes to occasionally play mindless yet insanely addictive games from time to time. Nothing is the Flappy Bird of Mobile VR. The simplistic graphics are overshadowed by some of the most addictive gameplay I have seen to date in the Jam. All that’s needed is leaderboards, more levels, and additional music tracks and Nothing is prime for launch.

Comawake – And The Jam Nope Award Goes to…

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So I was thinking of foregoing sleep tonight and wondering how to do that. Then I stumbled upon Comawake, and problem solved. The thick atmosphere mixed in with solid jump scares and crazy voices screaming “Mommy” will send chills straight through to areas of your mind you never knew existed. Try this out. I dare you.