New Milk VR Video Konono no.1: Round 6

new milk vr video konono no 1 round 6 feature

Today’s new Milk VR video Konono No.1: Round 6 is yet another release from Konono.  Just to give you an idea, there are now almost 100 videos on Milk VR and out of those, about 10 of them are from Konono.  This is the kind of music that I normally wouldn’t like, but being in […]

New Milk VR Video Fractal Cathedral

new milk vr video fractal cathedral feature

New Milk VR Video Fractal Cathedral Title: Fractal Cathedral Publisher: Don Whitaker Time: 2:49 3d: No Cylindrical / Spherical: Spherical Upload Date: 04/07/2015 Category: VR Life Please rate and post your impressions below. This 360 video on Milk VR is a surprising departure from the usual videos that have been appearing on it.  If you […]

Milk VR New Video Konono No 1 Round 5

milk vr new video konono no 1 round 5 feature

Milk VR New Video Konono No 1 Round 5 Title: Konono no.1: Round 5 Publisher: Juraj Rutsek Time: 5:00 Konono No.1 is a Grammy award winning music group from Congo under the label Crammed Discs, which is located in Belgium. You can find more about them at

Ireland VR Impressions : Virtual Relaxation

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Ireland VR Impressions Eric Fassbender just recently released his third 15 and 30 minute 360 relaxation video this time taking us to Ireland.  I have been following his videos since the first was released a few months back.  There are some notable improvements with this latest video. The first few videos took place in his […]