VR Cover Review for Gear VR

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The first thing every Gear VR owners does is show it off to everyone they know, or at least I did. A few days later they realize the cushion that goes between their face and the headset is festering with the germs of every single sweaty face that has come into contact with it.  You […]

New Milk VR Video Fractal Zoom

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New Milk VR Video Title: Fractal Zoom Publisher: Don Whitaker Time: 03:16 3d: No Cylindrical / Spherical: Spherical Upload Date: 04/10/2015 Category: VR Life     Please post your impressions below. What is this, fractal video week?  New Milk VR video Fractal Zoom is a nice short video that brings you towards what I can only […]

Happy 100 Videos Milk VR!

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Today, Milk VR hit 100 videos with the release of Fractal Zoom.  The Milk VR app popped up on the Gear VR store in late December and has gone through a lot of changes since then.  With VRPill’s launch of The Milk VR Directory last week, we have seen how it has developed since it’s beginnings. […]

New Milk VR Video Formula Drift 2

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New Milk VR video Formula Drift 2 was just released for the Samsung Gear VR.  Sendit Productions upped their game a lot since the last Formula Drift video they released about a month and a half ago.  The picture quality is incredible in comparison.  I’m not even a racing fan and I watched this a few […]