360 Daily Dose – Bizarre Squid Game Coaster

It’s been a while since I last took a romp through YouTube 360 and to my surprise things are still alive and kicking. Here’s some interesting new videos: Squid Game Rollercoaster Squid Game is one of the most popular shows of the year. Now you can relive memories of the first challenge room by taking […]

VRPill has First VR Baby


Baby Pill post birth Back in 2020, the world was shocked as VRChat sensation VRPill announced he was expecting a baby in VR. Nobody knew what to expect. Would it be a ball, would it even be the color red? Was he going to stream having a real baby in VR like Mark Metaberg? Nobody […]

Saturday Night Live YouTube 360 Videos are Live

saturday night live youtube 360

Finally, those with Google Cardboard who didn’t know that the VRSE app existed (shame on you), can experience Saturday Night Live in all it’s splendor. The official SNL YouTube Channel has added the Seinfeld Q&A and Celebrity Jeopardy videos to it’s list of available videos. It hasn’t even been 10 hours and one of them is already at 20,000 views.

You Can Now Download OTOY Entries

download otoy

Everyone with a Gear VR was fascinated by the clarity of the images available via the OTOY ORBX app, with the only downside being the wait for more content. Well the wait is over! You can now download submissions for viewing on your Gear VR.

Jack into VR with Adult Swim’s The Virtual Brainload

virtual brainload google cardboard structure

So today, we decided to try something a little different, and had our new contributor Sam give The Virtual Brainload, Adult Swim’s new Google Cardboard experience a spin. The Virtual Brainload is Adult Swim’s premier title for their new Google Cardboard app. The Virtual Brainload was developed with the help of WEVR.